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Lectures for Library Users

  • Yeungnam libraries operate in-library education program to promote smooth utilization of services and enhance users’ capability of information utilization for research study. The program includes the overall introduction of Yeungnam libraries and library tour, how to use library materials, utilization of digital resources, and instructions for resources by field and how to use them, etc. and is run by use and subject. We are looking forward to signing up of many users this program which can be held at anytime, anywhere, and with any contents they choose
    Program Guide
Title Content Subject
Library Guide How to Use the Library / Library Tour /
How to Search / How to Locate Materials from Bookshelves
Customized Course by Subject How to Find Theses /
Academic DB Search and Utilizing by Subject
Graduate Students , faculty
상호대차 이용교육 도서관 미소장자료 검색 및 신청방법/
RISS, FRIC, 국회도서관, 국립중앙도서관 검색 및 이용방법
Graduate Students
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  • Office of Reading on 1nd floor of the Central Library( ☎ 810-1671 )